"Cheeky Painters" is an alternative form of entertainment for your Hen, Stag Party or for any Ladies Night, 18th or 21st Birthday.

Why not have some fun, painting ceramic body parts (willies or boobies)!!

You can choose from our "Mini" Badges or Ribbon Hangers (for hanging round your neck) or from our Booby Banks and larger Willy ceramics.

We offer two options:

Ceramic Painting Night - we come to your party and give you the opportunity to give it a try!  We provide everything that you need at your chosen venue, minimum of ten individuals required.  Prices start at £3.80 per person.

Ceramic Painting Hen/Stag Party Kits - we provide you with all of the items you need in a pre-prepared pack for you to take with you to your party.  These packs are ideal for parties when staying in lodges/hotels, something to do when travelling on the train or just for an alternative form of entertainment on the night!!!

Our "Mini" Party Packs include:
10 Ceramic body parts (willy/boobies, badge/hanger)
5 Strips of Paint (1 between 2)
10 Paintbrushes
1 Mixing Pallet
1 Tablecloth
1 Packet of Wet Wipes
1 "party" badge for the bride or stag!
1 Instruction Leaflet
1 Design Ideas Sheet
10 "I've been a Cheeky Painter" badges 

Hen Party Ceramic Packs are priced at:
Mini Willy Badges/Hanger - £28.00
Mini Boobie Badges/Hanger - £28.00

Packs can be made up for your required number of painters, priced at £2.80 each.  Please order via our online shop.

Alternative packs can be made up for our larger items depending on your numbers:
Large Boobie Bank  - £12 for each bank
Large Willy Ceramics - £8/£10 for each willy

Please see the pictures below for the sort of designs you can paint onto a ceramic body part.

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